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Family Card.

Trends change. Learning about money lasts a lifetime. (not FDIC Insured)

With the Community Trust Bank Family Card, you can teach your teen how to spend responsibly.

Limit Spending    

Spending is limited to the amount of money you place on the Family Card.

Control Funds

As the card sponsor, you can add or remove funds and set daily ATM withdrawal limits anytime at

Monitor Spending

Once you enroll your teen in the program, you simply load the card and monitor spending via the website.

Load Automatically 

You can even set up an automatic deposit schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly) from Community Trust Bank checking or savings account.

Make Purchases   

Your teen can use it everywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted, including purchases made online and over the phone.

Track Spending

Teens can track their purchases and their balance at all times, allowing them to be aware of how much they have spent and how much they have left...PLUS, IT'S SAFER THAN CASH.

To learn more about our new Family Card you may view our frequently asked questions or ask your personal banker for more details. To purchase a Community Trust Bank Family Card, you must have an active Community Trust Bank checking or savings account.

Family Card Terms and Conditions

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