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Feb 6, 2012

Nationwide BBB Alert

An advanced fee loan company, GreenPoint Capital located in Lansing, Michigan, has been named by four consumers contacting the BBB, inquiring about their business practices. One consumer informed the BBB that GreenPoint Capital did not honor the contract she made with them after paying $800.00 by wire transfer. The consumer was told a $5000.00 loan would be in her account on 1/31/2012. The money was not provided, and the company representative called to ask for another $800.00, saying they needed more security on the loan. This consumer says GreenPoint Capital took
everything she had plus money she borrowed from someone else to get the $800.00 to take out a loan.

The BBB has attempted to contact GreenPoint Capital by phone and by mail. No response has been provided by the company. An address of 535 Chanticleer Trail in Lansing, MI is being used by the business on its website. This is a private residence and not a business address. The State of Michigan has no record of GreenPoint Capital being
licensed to provide consumer loans in Michigan, as is required by law.

GreenPoint Capital is apparently marketing