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Security Updates.

Aug 19, 2014

Fraudulent Emails with Attached Zip Files

It has come to our attention that Fraudulent emails are currently circulating to random email addresses. These emails are being sent to non-internet and internet banking customers alike. Please be aware that the bank does not send out system generated emails with attached zip files. These spoofed emails have an attachment which contains a malicious executable file concealing itself as a common PDF. A sample of the email has been posted below and also shared with the major antivirus companies and partners.

Always use best practices regarding your email and computer.
• Always keep creditable Antivirus software installed and updated.
• Be cautious of any email – Even those that appear to be from friends, family, and respected companies.
• If you ever suspect your computer or accounts have been compromised, notify your IT team or other appropriate contact.

Sample fraudulent email:
Incoming Transactions Report
An incoming money transfer has been received by your financial institution and the funds deposited to account.
Initiated By: Fiserv Inc.
Initiated Date & Time: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 23:00:11 +0700
Batch ID: 976
Please view the attached file to review the transaction details.