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Security Updates.

Jun 22, 2011

E-mail Scam/Malware

A recent e-mail scam has circulated around the net claiming the user’s bank returned a tax payment. This email falsely claims to originate from the IRS & includes a Tax Transaction Report. Please note that Community Trust Bank has not been involved in any such transaction. This e-mail was designed to trick an unsuspecting user in downloading a malicious program that could possibly install malware. Please delete this e-mail & run your antivirus program immediately.
The IRS does not send unsolicited e-mail to taxpayers either about their tax accounts or requesting sensitive personal and financial information. Please report any suspicious activity to

Quick Tips:
•Always be suspicious of all attachments. Especially those that end with an .exe extension.
•Links embedded in e-mail are not always what they claim to be. When in doubt, try typing the trusted URL in a browser address bar instead of clicking directly from the message.
•Always keep your antivirus, operating system, & internet browser software updated.
•Your financial institution will not send you unsolicited email asking for account information.
•If you don’t remember entering the contest, you probably didn’t win. Don’t click the link to claim your prize.